Environmental initiatives preserve canal zone

preservan zona canalera

As part of PSA International’s sustainability initiatives, PSA Panama International Terminal employees, along with representatives of the Ministry of Environment and students of the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) partnered in an activity of planting native species.

About 50 volunteers participated in this activity in which 200 seedlings of species such as espavé, mango, thorny cedar and lignum vitae were planted under the canopy of Cerro San Juan. This hill is located opposite PSA Panama facilities in the former Rodman naval base and identified as a compatibility zone with the Panama Canal Operations, hosts several wildlife species such as nasuas (Nasua narica), squirrels (Sciurus granatensis), capybaras (Hydrochaeris isthmus), ant eaters (Tamandua mexicana) and two-toed sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni).

“These activities reinforce PSA’s commitment to lead a sustainable industry while tightening our bonds with our coworkers through volunteering,” said Alessandro Cassinelli, PSA Panama general manager.

Additionally, volunteers joined the PSA Panama and UMIP effort within the framework of the Month of the Oceans, to recover solid waste on Veracruz Beach.

These activities are part of the “Go Green Fortnight”, an annual PSA International initiative aimed at promoting awareness and action in its 40 terminals around the world through environmental activities such as reforestation, beach cleaning, recycling, environmental education, and carbon footprint reduction through carpooling.

The PSA group of companies operates under a Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy, which establishes commitments and intentions of their companies in these areas, among which stand out guaranteeing a safe, healthy workplace and promoting the sustainable development of the communities in which they operate.

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